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Friday, November 18, 2005

The First Set well, I'm trying to make bento for a vegetarian :P It's SO not the easiest thing...and well, I'm so NOT a great cook, but here is the first few tries:

09.30 Bento: Maple Leaves
This is the very first bento. Sandwiches cut into maple leaf shapes (for fall!) from wheat pita bread; inside is veggie bologna and mustard. They are sitting on top of lightly salted edamame. The salad actually has smaller maple leaf carrots in it, but they don't seem to show well. The onigiri is plain with a sprinkling of sesame seeds in it.

10.01 Bento: Purple Heart
The second bento was okay. This time I tried hearts. There's cream cheese, carrots and sprouts inside. The sandwiches are sitting on a bed of sliced cabbage (the purple kind). The white thing is actually refried beans inside a mini burrito wrapper thing...ugh, tortilla, that's it! The yellow stuff is corn with butter and a bit of carrot and bellpepper. I think the cherry tomatoes look so cheery in there, but he hates tomatoes. Well, I'M making the bento, so I get to pick what goes inside :P

10.04 Bento: Late Morning
I fogot to make bento! So I woke up early and made this...erm...lovely (yeah) peanut butter and jelly sandwich bento. I tried to make them all the same size like in the stores, but it didn't work. It was pretty ugly and the peanut butter squirted out when I tried to jam it in the box :P Oh, and the ones in the stores always have more than one kind of sandwich, so the second one is veggie bologna and mustard. I was told it was a nasty combination :*( The salad sits in the top right, with a bit of corn thrown in for color and some makizushi from Mitsuwa is jammed into the bottom left...some kind of hot purple pickle, a cucumber roll, and a takuan roll.

10.05 Bento: Couscous Flowers
Finally a pretty bento! Whee! Plum blossom veggie bologna (veggie bologna is like the BOMB if you want to cut shapes out :) ) ontop of veggie couscous. Then some fruit cocktail (straight from da can!). The pink stars are veggie hot dogs (for those who don't know, veggie hot dogs don't plump when you cook them, so you can't do the cute octopus hot dogs :*( Oh well...) in a bed of edamane.

Well, it's really hard trying to take pictures of food. They always seem to get blurry. I don't know why. Eh, the hubbie has a nice MAN-BENTO box now, but when I started out, I only had a bento box I bought for myself. I like the cute ones better than the MAN-BENTO box. The MAN-BENTO box is boring. It's not as much fun making bento in a MAN-BENTO box.

Somedays I forgot to take pictures :( Oh well. Some days he doesn't eat his bento (sacrilege!) the next day he had none. It takes about an hour to fix these things up! I didn't think to make extra dinner for bento back then. Now I do, so it's faster, but still. Bento takes time, so bento = love :)

So this bento blog has been inspired by the following bento sites :)


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