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Friday, November 18, 2005

Fourth Set

11.15 Bento: White Stew
I think this is one of my better bentos. It's the first time I ever made stew. I used Kokumaru Creamy Stew rue. It was really creamy and good. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I only had onions, carrots, potatoes and broccoli in it, though. We didn't have any other veggies. I made mini croissants out of Pillsbury Cresent dough :) They came out really cute. Then there's some cow cheese in there. Ever since I was a kid I've always called that and the cubed and wedged version "Cow Cheese." It's silly, but :P

11.16 No Bento:
We went out for lunch :) We went to Fidels. It was pretty good. I ordered a Milanesa Torta...but they brought me the Milanesa plate...and I ate it anyway. The fries were really good. Hey! Did you know fries taste SO good when you eat them with tartar sauce? I didn't until I got bored of the ketchup at the Fish Market.

11.17 Bento: Success! Yaki Onigiri II
He likes yaki onigiri. I think it's the sauce. I whipped out the onigiri mold and voila! There is an onigiri star, bear and heart. Cute, eh? It was from Marukai, I think? This time I used a non-stick pan at a medium-low heat and it crunched up just like it should. I used Hello Kitty nori cut-outs top decorate the top (click and a larger version of the pic will open). That's Boca Smoked Sausage there (veggie, but of course). The green things under the yaki-onigiri are edamame. The bag said "lightly salted in pod"...but they were SAL-TY! Wow! Next time we're getting "unsalted" for sure.

11.18 Bento: Pretty Pinwheels
I wasn't feeling very creative, so this is what came out. I call it an "American style" bento because the first time I ate these pinwheel things was at a New Mexican restaurant. I just got a mini tortilla and slathered on Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Garden Vegetable flavor) on it, and rolled it up with cut carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and sunflower seeds. The green stuff at the top is cucumber cut out in star shapes with a bit of carrot and sunflower seeds. The white stuff at the bottom is Ruffles French Onion dip. The red stuff on top of the pinwheels is that it's prettier...and of course, veggie bologna stars! When you're making vegetarian bento, veggie bologna is your friend (like seriously! What else can you use those cool shape cutters with when you're making vegetarian bento? Kamaboko? I think NOT!)!


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