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Friday, November 18, 2005

Second Set

Kousan Jinan no Gyakutai Bentou?! Chara-ben is like the ultimate bento blog! I want to make bento like that meager my beginnings... with this post I think I'm almost caught up :) Then I'll add bigger pictures when I'm posting only one bento a day. These were "catch-up" posts (ketchup...haha...oh, please...that is SO an oji-san gag!)

10.06 Bento: Mexican Fiesta
So I thought I could do a theme bento after the PJ & Bologna incident (see previous post). That way all the flavors would "match"...right? So here it is: two vegetarian chili burritos, "fiesta corn" (haha, it just has tomatoes and green onions mixed in), and refried beans with cheese. I used ketchup to draw on the burritos. It didn't come out that great. Vegetarian chili is pretty nasty...but he likes it, so *shrug*

10.12 Bento: Arabian Afternoon
This is another theme bento. I like couscous, but this lemon-spinach couscous wasn't too good. It was a bit on the tart side :P I cut whole wheat pita into stars. The pink stars are veggie bologna. Oh, and there are spinach leaves and cut carrots behind the pita stars. This was a pretty easy bento...seeing as I didn' t have to make the hummus. It's store bought.

10.14 Bento: In the Pink
Pink Tortellini is one of my favorite things to eat. I copied it from a dish they used to make at DiMartino's in Las Vegas. They're out of business :( I don't know why. Their stuff tasted SO good! The bottom-left partition is filled with Sargento Cheese "Moon and Stars" (those do not look like moons to me and most of the stars are a bit...strange, too. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult for a machine to punch shapes out of cheese!).

10.17 Bento: Mabo Eggplant
Someone forgot to bring home their bento box, so I had to use another one. Mabo (some people spell it Mapo) Eggplant is one of my favorite things. I love eggplant...only when it's sweet and creamy, though. So it's that on top of rice. I put some bologna "flowers" on top to make it look pretty. The oinarizushi is from Mitsuwa...or maybe Nijiya. I forget. I like Mitsuwa's better because they are sweeter. He like Nijiya's better. I think he didn't like this bento box for some reason.

10.18 Bento: Yucky Yakisoba
There was an "incident" in the kitchen and the pepper lid know the one with the big gaping spoon hole? So well, this yakisoba wasn't very edible. Still it looks nice. I didn't want to waste it, so it became bento...after no one wanted it for dinner (including me). Cucumbers work well for shapes :) These cucumbers are star shaped. The cucumber maki are from Mitsuwa. Someday I'll make cooler ones...

10.29 Bento: Sausage & Peppers
We had nothing in the fridge. So I took a Morning Star veggie sausage patty and cut it up, tossed in some bell peppers and onions and then poured some tomato sauce on top of it all and...voila! Sausage and peppers...only the sausages crumbled. Still he really liked his one and wanted more...but now we have no peppers :P The green stuff is broccoli and the red is a cherry tomato (Tommy Toh) Hahaha! Erm, you'd have to read Howl DJ to get that one :) ...I will get around to updating that'll just take a while. Oh, this is a new bento box for him! It's got a chidori on it. I got it from Japan_Kitty. It came with the box, and a matching napkin (really a furoshiki), matching bag, and matching chopsticks :) Whee! Only it didn' t come with a Bento really need one of those.

11.03 Bento: Kyou Kara Karage
Mommy is a good cook. I am not. I guess it's marrying young and not having much experience...but since Mommy IS a good cook, then I must have "good cook genes" in there somewhere...I just hope they manifest themselves I tried Karaage. I used the wrong powder. It was supposed to be flour not potato starch...doh! Oh well. I made the sauce myself, too :) Spicy :) I put in chili oil :) The rice on the bottom is supposed to have sesame hearts, but somehow the hearts didn't come out that well :*( I think I needed to pack the rice in more and then the surface would have been smoother...which would have been better for the sesame seeds. It's all veggie karaage, btw :) There's shiitake, kabocha and carrots. I wanted to do bell peppers, but I was too tired after all the other veggies and gave up :P I got this bento box at the local Mitsuwa :) Bunnies! Whee! He didn't like using it :P

11.04 Bento: Panda Kabocha
This is the MAN-BENTO box. It's pretty boring. Oh well. He likes it. Today I made KobochaNi. It came out good :) :) It's really hard to cut kabocha, though...otherwise I'd make it more often. I was going to make the whole thing...but I got too tired of cutting it. My knife would get stuff, so I'd have to hammer the kabocha with the knife stuck on it on the cutting board. This felt a little dangerous. I wonder if this is how Psycho felt? Not that that's a real person, but you get the idea. The yakisoba is from Panda . I thought it needed something "more" so I cooked hims some bell peppers, eggplant and a shiitake to go with it. The beans under the kabocha are edamame. Veggie-tarians need that protein, you know.


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