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Friday, November 18, 2005

Third Set

More Bento! Yes, I'm still making bento...and purchasing a lot of goods to make bento look pretty...but I notice I haven't used many of them yet :( Nevertheless, I think I am getting better at cooking. Maybe a yummy bento is better than a pretty bento? This time the pictures are bigger...well, if you click on them...they will get bigger...whoa... I'm trying to take better pictures of my bento, too. You may notice that some *gasp* are actually in forcus (more or less now). I figured out how to use the "Flower" setting on my camera.

You know, I think I may be the only Vegetarian Bento Blogger (VBB) in the US? Haha...maybe not, but I can't find another one.

11.10 Bento: Tenuki Guma
Well, you see, this was deadline week and I didn't really have time to make bento (or cook at all). So I took a pouch of korma from Tasty Bite. Then I took my new bento stencil and some sesame seeds...and found out you need to pack the rice down well, so it's very even for the stencil to work very it came out a bit wierd. Oh well. It was my first time with the stencil. We'll try harder next time. He liked the bento though. I found out he thought I made the curry...yeah, right! Indian curry tastes great, but I think it's the hardest thing to make! Japanese curry is really easy to make, though...

11.11 Bento: Eggroll Ecstacy
My eggrolls finally look like eggrolls! Yay! They didn't rip open in the oil, either. The trick was putting less stuff in the eggrolls and rolling them up tighter. Next time I'll challenge spring roll wrappers. I think they are harder to work with. I think I won't use itogonyaku in them anymore, though. The onigiri were supposed to be yaki onigiri...but I failed. They stuck to the bottom of the pan and then fell apart. So I gave up and stuffed the rice back into the molds. He liked them, though. I'll have to try yaki onigiri again. Maybe I just needed to pack the rice in the mold tighter and use a non-stick pan or something.

11.14 Bento: He Made It
Last night he made dinner. I already ate my lovely Marie Calendar's Chicken and Dumpling meal, so I didn' t have any. There was some left over, so that's what he gets for bento. I put it in the bento box and made it look pretty, though. It's some kind of jar sauce with Buitoni Spinach and Cheese Tortellini and some teriyaki? broccoli with onions. This goes? ...and PBJ and bologna sandwiches don't? I don't get it. The white peaches in jelly from Mitsuwa is divine, btw :) I put a maraschino cherry in it for color.


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