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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bento Backlog

So I've finally found something to make my pictures smaller with :) Oh, I put a lot of links in here, but it doesn' t mean I endorse them. I've never bought anything from Maruwa online (just from their store when they were in Japan Town), so I have no clue as to what their service is like...but they have pictures of the things I've used and that's why I've linked to them.

I don't know why but all my pictures aren't showing up...I get a different combination of them everytime I click "refresh." Hmm...guess Blogger is having problems...

12.09 Bento: Crunchy Veggie Stuffing Cubes
Whee! This one came out pretty good and I got to use some of my new cool bento items! So we have some Cow Cheese, some corn with a bit of unsalted butter (the flower is veggie bologna), edamame, a pucchi tomato, and stuffing cubes. I made Stove Top stuffing (Homestyle Herb flavor) with extra mushrooms, carrots, onions and spinach and then used my Onigiri Cube (P-2542) to make it into cubes which I toasted until they were crunchy on the outside and mealy on the inside. Yes I do realize there is some chicken powder in Stove Top stuffing, but because he is not a vegetarian because of ethics or allergies. it's okay.

12.08 Bento: Hello Kitty!
Yes, I tried the bento stencils again. I think it came out better this time. I used "Omusubi Yama: Shiso" this time instead of sesame seeds. I think Shiso is some kind of leaf...? Anyway, the purple stuff is that shiso stuff. I also took initiative and bought some Morningstar Farms Chick 'n Nuggets. I got the idea from the "Vegan Lunch Box" :) The carrots and asparagus are lightly stir-fried. Mommy says that cooking carrots briefly and eating them with a bit of oil helps the body absorb more vitamins from the carrots. I like the way that veggies get brighter (and happier looking) when I cook them a bit :)

12.06 Bento: Tenpura Time!
My first try ever at making tenpura (You know there's no single "m" sound in how can it be "teMpura"? Especially when it's a "n"?). I used Nisshin Tenpurako Age Jyouzu mix. It's supposed to be light. There's some asparagus, bell pepper, shiitake, eggplant and carrot tenpura in there. The round pastel green thing has home-made tenpura sauce in it. I guesses. I used soy sauce, sugar and mirin....tee hee, then I added a bit of hot chili oil (La-Yu because it didn't taste right...that made it work!). I also used some onigiri seasoning on the rice to make it look "pretty."

12.02 Bento: Pinwheels and Inari
Nijiya to the rescue! I put inari sushi from Nijiya in the top layer of the bento box, and pinwheels, corn, a pucchi tomato and a mini roll cake (from Nijiya, I forget what brand...sorry) in the bottom layer. Yesh, it was an easy bento. It's because I had a deadline :p That and he has not been taking care of his bento boxes...the Man-Bento has been in the garage for some time...GROSS! That's why there are so many days in between bento. I don't have a clean bento box to put it in. If I have to make it, he's got to bring it home and stick it in the dish washer. It's the least he can do right? I'm not going treasure-hunting looking for where he left his bento...or nagging at him to bring it home. He just doesn't get any when he doesn't do his part. Fair, right? It takes 1 ~ 2 hours to make this stuff, you know?

11.23 Bento: Mac 'n Pinwheels
This bento is full of lightly stir-fried carrots and broccoli, Chef Boyardee Nacho Cheese Twistaroni (couldn't find a picture :p) , and pinwheels (see below). This time I added spinach to the pinwheels. I think the more healthy veggies I can stuff in a bento, the better. Especially since this vegetarian doesn't really eat veggies. I guess there isn't much to say about this bento. *sigh* It was another "quickie" bento...


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