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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

January Bento

Well, um, it's been a while. It's not easy trying to work a regular job and consult at the same time...but I can't give up either, so :P The Man Bento Man is not cleaning out his bento as per the Agreement (Though shalt not have bento if you don't have a clean box) he didn't get many bento in January. Only two times to be exact....and whoa...I haven't seen those bento they are:
  • still at work?
  • in the garage?
Either way, there's NO way I'm touching them now! Yucky!

1.03 Bento: Creamy Ribbons
I love creamy sauces. I forget what this was really. I had nothing in the house, so it was just whatever I could find in the cupboards...uh...what was that red thing? OH! That was my eggplant rollatini! We had some eggplant, some cow cheese, some tomato sauce and pine nuts (I HAVE to have pinenuts in the house at ALL times. They are so delectable!). I tried to copy something I had a a restaurant. I stirfried thin, flat strips of Japanese eggplant...and then put some strips of cow cheese on the top and let them melt and then I added the tomato sauce (it was some kind of jar sauce to which I added honey, butter and roasted pinenuts). and then I rolled it all up. I was supposed to bread it and fry it, but I got too tired. They tasted really good :)

1.05 Bento: Onions, Yams, and Broccoli. Oh my!
Tee hee, this took me HOURS! You'd think it'd be easy to bread up something and fry it, but this dinner took me forever! "Dinner?" you ask? Yes, it was dinner and I used the leftovers to make a bento :) That's some furikake stuff on the rice with a Hello Kitty seaweed cut out on it :) Whee! This was also from the Bento Store on eBay... Hey! She's back :) Assuming it was a she...hmm...anyway, whee! The Bento store wasn't open for a long time. Yay! I wonder if they do special orders...there are some Torune brand bento goods that I really want...and can't get because I'm in the US and not Japan *pouts* Oh well. Erm, back to the bento. It's breaded stuff...with sesame seeds :) Yummy...breaded is better with sesame seeds! I did yams, broccoli, onions, carrots and eggplant :) The onions went really fast :P

I've got deadlines, deadlines and more no bento until next month probably :( Well, there's a wedding in a different state to go to, busy, busy, busy me! Not that anyone's reading this, but *shrug* You never know...and it's cool to see all my bento creations in one place like this :)


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