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Thursday, April 27, 2006

April Bento

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, I see :P Bad me. Bad me. Maybe I'll start introducing some bento goods instead? I got a lot of neat ones from Japan *mini-happy-squee*. I think most people here haven't seen them before. I know I hadn't! If only they didn't cost so much *cry*...Bento hasn't been too inspired of late...

4.05 Bento: Have a Berry, Curry Couscous
If you have never had Mediterranean Curry Couscous, you are SO missing out! The box had been sitting there for a while, and so I figured, "Okay. Will do." and it was GREAT! The rest is blackberries? (Eh, I don't know what they are S.U. picked it up.) and strawberries with heavy cream and sugar (in the green bird tupper). I put in the sugar and dribbled a bit of hot water to melt it and mixed it with the heavy cream *heavenly*. This is the new bento box I got S.U. for Christmas. S.U. didn't wash it. I did. The other boxes are still in the garage. So like does mold start merging with the plastic after awhile or something? I don't even want to know...and I'm sure you don't either.

4.19 Bento: More Krazy Kouscous
Yesh, magnanimous me washed out his box to make him another one. This is plain couscous with parmesan and veggie-tarian broth (I also put in pepper, pine nuts, butter, raisins and veggies chopped up in the food processor). The white hearts are pepper jack cheese. The red things on top of them are just mini-bell peppers. Mini bell peppers are SO cute :) Then those blackberry? things and some nice bananas. This time the "sauce" is made with half and half since we no longer have cream in the house (that was a one-time dealie. I should have used some for me! S.U. used it all for S.U's coffee...except for the bit I used to make some bread pudding).


Blogger In Silence said...

so i wanted to comment on all of the stuff you made, but i dont have that kind of time, you have a real knack for making some pretty awesome looking dishes which im sure are tasty as well, anyway cant wait to see something new so uhh keep up the good work

have a nice day

6:35 AM  

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